Baby description mice breed

Description Little dwarf mouse breed, photo

Description Little dwarf mouse breed, photo

Baby – small breed mice that live on the continent of Eurasia. Baby evenly distributed across the continent, animals prefer sparse forests, forest-steppe zones, thickets. Shrubs. Animals like height, even climb into the mountains to a height of approximately two and a half thousand meters.

Externally, the mouse of this species are distinguished by their tiny size. Because of this, the rodents were called “baby.” animal body structure reminiscent of his closest relatives. The animal has small ears rounded shape, large eyes, resembling black pearls, elongated snout, long, dark mustache, small, light legs with strong fingers. Body colour uneven. Basic color – red. The ventral part is white shades, the tail slightly hairy, dirty pink.

Particularly active animals in the morning, in the evening. During the day (during a heat wave), they prefer to hide in the shadows, in their shelters.

Power of discrimination. Rodents eat everything: seeds, grains, vegetables, roots, fruits and small insects.

At home, the baby mice live in a cage for rodents, aquarium, terrarium with a lid. The bottom is littered with wood chips, dry grass, straw. Like other members of the Mouse, little family eats ordinary rodent chow supplemented with eating a variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, boiled eggs. Drink rodents ordinary water (boiled / pre-cleaned). For the grinding of the teeth, it is desirable to give a rat vitamin wand. It not only deals with their direct responsibility – turning teeth, rodent still saturates the body with nutrients. To animal was not boring, periodically releasing it for a walk. It is important to make sure that the curious animal did not run away in remote places.

The animals, though not fluffy, but get along well with children. Non-aggressive animal, calm, kind, active. I get along well with other rodents.

Animal breeding season begins in mid-spring, lasts until the end of summer. For five months the female can give birth three times. Typically, about six babies born. Pregnancy lasts a little less than a month. Cubs are born with tiny, naked, blind. After nine days the kids can fully see. Weigh at that age no more than three grams. Two months later, the young mice can produce offspring themselves. Living creatures in the wild two years. With good care live up to four years. Rodents little sick.

This breed of mice does not bring harm to man, but there are times when rodents spoil the harvest, GNAWED young fruit.

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