Satin, description

Satin, breed description rats, characterization, breeding, and photos

Satin, breed description rats, characterization, breeding, and photos

Satin – kind of a rat, is distinguished by its long, thin, shiny fur.

Homeland of these animals are considered to be the United States of America. Breed invented recently.

Size, body structure rodents do not differ from their nearest relatives. To distinguish this type of feature is a thick, long, shiny, soft fur of any colors. The fur is uniformly covers the entire body of the animal, with the exception of the tail. In rats, it is slightly pubescent. Tail long, voluminous. The limbs of rats are small, light-colored. Ears are small, slightly pubescent. Skin color is about the same color as the coat. Eyes large, round. Most have just a black coloring.

Care Tips.

In captivity Satin lives in a cage. The room must be small. The cage should be of medium size. Cleaning is preferably carried out in a day. A better do it out of necessity.


Eating rodents virtually the same food as all members of a given family. Use an ordinary feed for rats. Feed your pet as well to relieve himself. If maintained, the food was eaten, backfill in the trough again. It is recommended to give the animal a variety of vitamin sticks to grind teeth. Do not forget to purchase a water bottle. Rats need water.

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