Most short-tailed chinchilla

Most short-tailed chinchilla, characterization, description and a photo

Most short-tailed chinchilla, characterization, description and a photo

Short-tailed (large) Chinchilla – detachment chinchilla rodent family. Living creatures central part of South America. Some of the animals kept in nature reserves under special protection. The remaining five thousand live freely in the wild.

His asylum chinchilla build between the rocks at high altitude. Also, rodents can be found in caves, deserts, in burrows near the foot of the mountains.

This breed of rodents is characterized by its large size, small head, short tail. Fur animals is short, but thick, warm. Color uneven. two colors are often present on the body: gray, white. Sometimes, there are bluish shades. Chinchilla Ears large, oval-shaped. The tail is short, but fluffy. The legs of this breed tiny rodents have fingers.

Care for high chinchilla is no different from other members of her family. To live in captivity are in cages for chinchillas / large rodents. The bottom is littered with wood chips. The house must be drinkers, feeders. It is advisable to buy toys. Feed the pet can feed for chinchillas. It has all the necessary trace elements, which are necessary for the animal to a normal, healthy growth.

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