Spider-racer, characterization, description and a photo

Spider-racer, characterization, description and a photo

Spiders-racers – a detachment of arthropods family araneomorphae. Insects are widespread on many continents. They are small in size. Color calf is of two kinds:

1. zebra;

2. bullish.

Spiders zebra color have gray-brown stripes on the body. Insects Bovine color black with tan / white colors.

How jumping spiders, horses do not use the web to hunt. Because of its size, natural color, spider successfully camouflaged against a background of leaves, tree bark. Watching the future victim, he quietly sneaks up to it, then quickly jumped on a bug, immobilizes it.

Although this method of hunting spiders know how to spin a web. They use it as a protective shell for their eggs. The females of this breed are very frugally to offspring. Their eggs are wrapped in thick cobwebs ball. Then safely hidden in the inaccessible place. After some time, the spiders are born. They are quite distinct, despite their appearance. Grow spiders mounts quickly. At the age of two months newborn offspring is ready to start a family. Partner insects are selected carefully. Most on the coloring. Due to differences in vision, spiders can see colors that we do not notice.

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