Hamsters Altiplano, breed description

Description hamsters breed Altiplano, photo type

Description hamsters breed Altiplano, photo type

Altiplano – a special breed hamsters, more like gerbils. body size as the rat. Hamsters have a long, bushy tail, sharp snout, small ears. Color fur brown and tan, the front part of the snow-white. Eyes small, black. The animal has long antennae od coat color.

Habitat hamsters breed altiplano growing in South America. Animals prefer height: rock, mountain. Particularly active at night. From December to February, the rodents do not leave their burrows. Perhaps the animals sleep in winter. Although it was noticed a large amount of food in the “pantries” hamsters altiplano. These rodents – lazy creation. Often they take the wrong hole, not to dig their own. Sometimes they live among the rocks in the bush, bushes.

Eat altiplano little insects, larvae, sometimes – of grain, seeds. More preferred food of animal origin.

Several times a year the female gives offspring. Born about four baby with brood. Pregnancy lasts about one month.

Rodents of this breed is not afraid of people, there were even cases where these animals are “guests” in the homes. ” The hosts did not immediately notice the appearance of small animals. Aggression for hamsters was observed.

If you decide to buy a pet that, a few helpful tips you will not interfere.

First buy a cage. It should be of medium size. In the cage put the drinkers, feeders, wheel. If you buy a pair, you will need a house where the female will grow children. The bottom of the cage paved with hay, straw, wood chips. Janitorial desirable to carry out every two to three days. Otherwise unpleasant smell appears.

Feed the animals can forage for rodents. Every week, indulge pets protein food. For example, boiled eggs.

Animals get along great with kids, do not go to conflict, moving, good.

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