Syrian golden hamster, care

Syrian golden hamsters, care at home, content, description and a photo

Syrian golden hamsters, care at home, content, description and a photo

The Syrian hamster – small animal family Khomyakov. Habitat animals spreading across the Eurasian continent. Live hamsters this breed in forest-steppe, steppe zones. As seekers use burrows that they dig their own. Underground hamsters are building dozens of labyrinths, emergency exits, separate rooms. Generally, in all rodent holes Khomyakov family present “pantry” (the place where the animals are being demolished food reserves for the winter), jack, ward, where the hamster sleeps. Almost always, rodents carpet the bottom of the “houses” with something soft. Most often use dry grass, straw. Litter also heats them in the cold.

Outwardly, it’s pretty little creature. The size of a small mouse. Color uneven. The main color of fur – red (orange). In aphids present fuzzy white stripes, brown colors. The ventral part of the fair-haired (milky). Ears are small, rounded, have a dark color. Paws small, without hair, light skin color pink. Hamster Eyes large, black. Antennae long, and dark. Spout Syrian hamster tiny, pink, the top is covered with a layer of hard coat basic color. The tail is so small that it is practically invisible under a thick ball of wool. The coat of this animal is characterized by its softness. The coat is smooth, of equal length all over the body.

Before the existence of the golden (Syrian) hamster was not known. Because of the color of his confused with ordinary (field) hamster. But recently, scientists have found a few differences that allow these animals to exist as a separate breed rodents. There are two main differences:

  • size;
  • character.

If everything is clear with the first, then a second distinguishing feature is now a little tell. Syrian hamsters are good, friendly, most importantly – they are not harmful to people, GNAWED harvest. Probably pretty close residence of people with small animals of this breed. This neighborhood does not cause harm to anyone.

Breed opened the first one hundred seventy seven years ago. Hamsters have noticed in one of the African desert (north-eastern part of the Sahara). Later, the animal disappeared. Rodents of the breed began to be considered extinct. Only later, ninety-one years after the first meeting, a scientist on the expedition to the places the family managed to find a small Syrian hamsters. This discovery has given hope to the development of world science.

Now golden hamsters – not vymeryat view. This obedient. Kind, intelligent animals that are easily trainable. They not only buy as pets, they are also used for scientific research laboratories. Pets are characterized by their rapid maturation. Forty-five days after birth, “babies” are able to produce offspring. Callout cubs takes about fourteen days. They are born blind, without fur, but the new generation is growing literally by the hour. Even after twenty days after the birth, they leave the parental nest.

Now relatives of the two endangered families inhabit all continents of the world. His popularity of the breed has earned not only because of the nature of hamsters. Contents of cute animals does not require any effort.

Now we acquaint you with the basic rules of care for the golden (Syrian) hamster.

First buy a cage. It may be of small size, because a favorite small. As litter using wood chips, dry grass, straw. In the cage must be present drinkers, feeders, the running wheel, a small wooden house.

Feed the pet can be an ordinary feed for rodents. It contains all the necessary trace elements for normal growth of the baby. Periodically fertilize pet fruit, vegetables, protein food. It is not advisable to give him the meat, it is recommended once a month to feed the hamster boiled chicken egg. Water drink a little. Animal drink is milk. He can drink it for ever, it is important not to overdo it. Since a large number of dairy products may have a negative impact on the pet’s health.

Change the water every day to clean. Even if the rodents do not drink it.

hamsters breeding period begins in early spring, it can last a whole year. Favorable conditions – clean, warm room. females Gestation lasts about two to three weeks. Over time, she can give birth to seven babies. During the year, a couple can bring up to twenty-eight newborns. Within two weeks after giving birth do not disturb the female, do not touch the hands of offspring, other objects. Otherwise, such interference may adversely affect the lives of children. Even cleaning is carried out less frequently.

Golden (Syrian) hamster – absolutely non-aggressive, kind, mobile animal. It is easy to train, go to the contact with people. Small animal does not bite, can be a better friend to your children.

If you have decided to release the hamster for a walk around the apartment, protect it from high places. As a curious animal without fear jump down.

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