Tarantula, content

Tarantula, a description of the content in the home, breeding and photo

Tarantula, a description of the content in the home, breeding and photo

Tarantula – a breed of large, poisonous spider. they are the size of a man’s hand. Body length about six-seven centimeters long legs up to five centimeters. spider body is covered by small fibers of different colors. They are usually dark orange. Villi are arranged so that the legs is visible on the dotted line orange. Spider has five pairs of limbs. In the wild tarantulas live in burrows, independently extracted meal. In this article, we’ll show you how to contain an exotic spider at home.

The first case purchase terrarium. It should be of small size, with a lid. It is best to buy a small “house”, because tarantulas poorly guided in large spaces. It is also not advisable to buy a high terrarium: insects love to climb, drop can result in tragic for your pet. Also, due to the large size of the terrarium, the spider can not find food. The bottom of the “asylum” carpet the peat land (for tarantulas living in burrows). For other sub-species of the insect species, bottom left clean. You can put there a snag. Do not forget about nutrition. The terrarium must exist drinkers, feeders (flat plate for food).

Despite the rather strange name, tarantulas eat insects. It is better to use a large cockroaches. Display the even special breed of insects that will feed. Cockroaches are usually large, thick. Also suit different larvae, large worms and crickets. It is advisable to buy in the store a special feed for tarantulas. In case of emergency (lack of food) this breed spiders fed boiled chicken egg, frozen meat. But to do this is highly undesirable. Try to time to buy food, because such foods can negatively affect the health of your pet, even provoke a fatal outcome.

Feed your tarantula insect, which is much less than the animal itself. If you only have large cockroaches, you can split them apart.

Propagated by a tarantula at home is extremely undesirable. If you do decide to check out the basic rules of care for spiders while pregnant females. To reduce insect opposite sexes are not recommended before the three years after the birth. Males mature at the age of two years. Do not rush to reduce young spiders, because it can have a negative impact on their future lives.

When the male is ready to breeding, he plёtet special spider web (the bag) through which will pass on their DNA to the female. The behavior of the spider is changing. It becomes very active, nervous. Recommended pairing of a couple in a separate, large cage, the bottom of which is paved with the ground, must be present driftwood and other shelters. Before breeding examine the nature of each of the spiders. It is desirable to sit down for a quiet aggressive tarantula. Not the other way around. Otherwise, it may be an attack on each other. If you see. What sympathy between the pair did not have, divide them, try another partner. It is important to avoid conflicts between spiders. Keep an eye on their behavior.

After mating, the spiders will start knocking tabs along the bottom. If the female is excited immediately transplant male in another cage.

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