Houses (room) spider species description

Description spider species Brownie (bedroom), photo, characteristics

Description spider species Brownie (bedroom), photo, characteristics

Brownie (room) spider – a detachment of arthropods that live in homes, basements. They often settle in garages, closets, sheds. Spiders are divided into four subspecies, which are similar to each other.

insect body size did not exceed two centimeters. Color brown. The insect has four legs. The longest – front. These spiders capture prey. They feed on small little insects, flies, maggots, which collects in your own network. The Web prefer to build in dark areas with low humidity. Particularly active house-spiders at night. The female usually appears in the homes. It is larger than the male, but the legs are much shorter than in males. Usually brownies spiders do not attack people. In some areas of the United States there is a kind of spiders, which often bite residents of the house. Pets spiders – poisonous. Some subspecies of its bite provoke the development of various diseases. Often, the victims find sores that are difficult to treat. Other subtypes are not able to make a poison for the human skin. Jaws weak for this. Their venom is not as toxic.

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