Black Widow spider species description

Description poisonous spiders dangerous kind of Black Widow, photo

Description poisonous spiders dangerous kind of Black Widow, photo

Black Widow – the most dangerous spider in the world. Its venom can kill an adult even. The body length of three centimeters (with legs). Females are smaller than males visually. Color Black, glossy finish. On the belly there is a red patch in the shape of an hourglass. Habitat spider spreads on two continents: Africa, the United States of America. His network, they are laid out in dark, secluded places, where no one will bother. Especially careful to be with females. They are the most toxic. Males almost never attack people, their venom is less effective. Recognize boys may be on a scarlet spots on the body. Black Widow – is not so dangerous spider as it may seem. Insects attacking only in case of self-defense. If they do not touch, you will remain unnoticed.

Females are particularly cruel with males. In the first few seconds after mating, the female eats satisfied partner.

The symptoms of the bite.

Bite “black widow” feel right. He is accompanied by acute pain. Later, there is swelling, nausea. The man starts to choke, possible panic. They may also start to go numb limbs. The venom of black widow contains substances which paralyze the victim. In insects, small animals poison is stronger. They do not feel their bodies seem so dead. In fact, they come to life within a few hours after the defeat. From poison the animals do not survive. Death occurs after forty-eight hours after the bite. When the first symptoms call your doctor immediately. In no case do not refuse treatment, even if it took several days.

If you decide to get an exotic spider are some useful tips to help you.

When buying a terrarium, make sure that the house was so persistent, reliable. The lid must be tightly closed. Do not place the terrarium on unstable surfaces. It is important to prevent accidental escaping spider. The bottom of the “asylum” Fill the peat land. Put a snag. Feed the “black widow” can be special food for spiders. It contains a variety of insects, which feed on the spider. Water must be clean. Drinkers replenish daily. It is better not to poke unprotected hands in the terrarium. Wear protective gloves, special tools. It is forbidden to take into the hands of insects. Remember, spiders – active, unpredictable animals which at any moment can escape, attack. Rough handling a poisonous spider can lead to tragic consequences.

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