Peromyscus, breed description

Description Peromyscus, characteristic of the breed, photos

Description Peromyscus, characteristic of the breed, photos

Peromyscus – rodent species, which differ in its white paws. From white limbs gave the name of the hamsters. The size of gerbils are a little more (about a rat). Color uneven: the rear part has a bright brown color, the front – a snow-white. Visible clear border between colors. The tail is fairly long, slightly pubescent.

The animal has big ears oval, slightly overgrown fur. Eyes round, black, size of the pearl. Head Bilonog hamster resembles a triangle. Spout sharp, long. Antennae medium length svetlenkie.

Habitat of the animals spreading across the United States. They prefer overgrown rocks, bushes.

Like other types of hamsters, Bilonog’m nocturnal. It was at this time of day they are particularly active. Happy prefer to lie in their own shelters. The food is produced after sunset or in the early morning. They feed mainly green fodder: grass, roots of plants, fruits, seeds, grains, vegetables, unsweetened fruit, nuts, mushrooms, berries. Also prey on insects: ants, larvae, caterpillars, and other small insects.

Animal breeding period begins in May and lasts until September. Formed couples live together whole life.

females Gestation lasts about a month. All For male never leaves Saku. He helps her in every possible way: bringing food to protect against insects, even cleans fur for fleas. After thirty days, the light appearing from one to nine infants. Growing kids instantly. Twenty-five days they learn to survive in the environment.

If you decide to have such a pet, a few good tips will help make life hamster comfortable, safe. First, purchase a cage. It should be reliable, spacious. Place the wheel in the cage, shelves, feeders, different toys. Hamsters need to periodically grind down the teeth, so the wood (vitamin) stick is necessary.

Power does not bring trouble. Feed your pet ordinary food for rodents. Periodically give him vegetables and fruits. It is advisable to several times a month to add to eat a boiled egg.

Janitorial recommended daily, to avoid an unpleasant smell. As litter using wood shavings, hay.

Peromyscus – kind, caring animals. Between them never conflict arises. The animals are sociable, easy to go on contact with people, but it is better to buy a couple. As rodents do not feel lonely.

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