Dwarf hamsters breed Taylor

Description dwarf hamsters breed Taylor, photo, characteristics

Description dwarf hamsters breed Taylor, photo, characteristics

Taylor – breed hamsters that stand out for its tiny size. The body length is not more than six centimeters. Rodents fairly well-fed, have a thick coat. The tail is so short that almost invisible under a thick layer of fur. Color is not evenly distributed throughout the body. The front part (breast, abdomen) has a snow-white coloring. Rear (back, head) – brown. Ears hamster pubescent so that bit merge with the head. Eyes large, black, bright. Animal antennae straight, long, bright colors. Above the eyes there are white spots, resembling an eyebrow. Nose small, delicate pink hue.

Habitat dwarf hamsters breed Taylor is expanding in the United States. Unlike their relatives, rodents do not dig a hole, do not even take the wrong. They build houses for themselves among the bushes, tall grass. There are animals also build a variety of mazes.

They feed hamsters mostly plant seeds, grains, roots, vegetables, fruits. Sometimes eat small insects, larvae. They drink ordinary water from streams, rivers, lakes.

The animals can produce offspring a year. A certain period of time for reproduction does not exist. The female can give birth at a time about four baby. Gestation lasts from twenty to thirty days, depending on weather conditions.

If you decide to buy a pet that, a few helpful tips you will not interfere.

First buy a cage. It should be of medium size. In the cage put the drinkers, feeders, wheel. If you buy a pair, you will need a house where the female will grow children. The bottom of the cage paved with hay, straw, wood chips. Janitorial desirable to carry out every two to three days. Otherwise unpleasant smell appears.

Feed the animals can forage for rodents. Every week, indulge pets protein food. For example, boiled eggs.

Hamsters Taylor friendly, quiet, non-corrosive, easy to go on contact with people. Also nice to get along with other rodents.

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