Hamster Dauria, breed description

Description Daurskiy hamster breeds, photo type, characteristic

Description Daurskiy hamster breeds, photo type, characteristic

Daurskiy hamster – rodent species of the family hamsters. Size, body structure does not differ from their nearest relatives. Fur is brown coloring with a grayish tinge. Breast, abdominal portion of white, light foot. Hamster of this breed is rather short, slightly hairy tail, large, round eyes, short blond mustache.

Caring for this breed hamsters will not give you labor.

Before buying a pet, prepare the place where the pet will live. The bottom of the cage paved with wood shavings, hay. Next set drinkers, feeders. Although hamsters get a sufficient amount of moisture will, be sure to put water. After the animal in captivity have no such opportunities. Decorative mouse perfectly coexist not only with the household and with other animals. The nature of their cheerful, kind, non-aggressive animal. Perfect comes in contact with people. Sometimes it is desirable to let the hamster run around the apartment, but do not forget about caution. These animals are so curious, they can get into hard to reach places.

Cleaning the house should be performed every two days. Otherwise you torment pungent smell. can feed the pet’s regular feed for rodents, occasionally giving hamster vegetables, herbs, nuts.

Breeding White-naped hamsters.

Throughout the year, the female is able to produce offspring of two or three times. Usually it turns twenty ten babies at a time.

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