Jungar hamster, breed description

Description Jungar hamsters, photo, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Description Jungar hamsters, photo, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Jungar hamster – the most popular type of rodents inhabiting the territory of Eurasia. Animal small size (about 10.5 centimeters). It’s so fluffy, thick, which resembles a small ball. Color Jungar hamster uneven. Basic color – dark gray with brown tint. Gruda, the abdominal part of the body is covered with snow-white thick fur. Paws pale pink, the bottom of the little white faces. On the back there is a dark line that forms the lightning. It is also the main color can be white, brown, brown. Hamster has small, round ears, long, blond mustache, tiny eyes, black pearls. rodent muzzle slightly extended, seen little nose primary colors or pink. Tail invisible. Interestingly, dzhungariki can change its color depending on the fur ambient temperature. In cool place hamster becomes lighter (almost white), warm – dark.

The animal stands out particularly active. This nimble little beast will always find an adventure. Especially mobile hamster at night, but they may accustom to the new regime. Like all hamsters, rodents build burrows with complex underground labyrinths. Refuge has several branches. Among them – the pantry, “bedroom”, rooms for nests. In the latter neonatal dzhungariki live up to full maturity.

In the wild animals get their food themselves. Basically diet consists of fresh herbs, roots, seeds, grains, and small insects. Grain, seed demolished rodents in storage, where they will eat in the winter. Dried grass, straw is used as bedding. Soft bottom, not only ensures a comfortable rest, but also does not give the animal to freeze in the cold.

Care Dzungar hamsters.

If you decide to have such a pet, a few good tips will help make life hamster comfortable, safe. First, purchase a cage. It should be reliable, spacious. Place the wheel in the cage, shelves, feeders, different toys. Dzhungarikam need to periodically grind down the teeth, so the wood (vitamin) stick is necessary.

Power does not bring trouble. Feed your pet ordinary food for rodents. Periodically give him vegetables and fruits. It is advisable to several times a month to add to eat a boiled egg.

Janitorial recommended daily, to avoid an unpleasant smell. As litter using wood shavings, hay.

Several times a year the female gives offspring. Born about seven kids with brood. Pregnancy lasts about fifteen days. Sometimes the leader offspring period is extended. During this period, hamsters need calcium, protein. It is not recommended to give tap water. Please respect to the female, as it can attack, protecting offspring. Males also exhibit masculine qualities. Babies are born naked. The skin has a dirty pink color. A few days later, infants are visible. Four months later, they become completely independent.

Rodents given breed are friendly, flexible, easy to go on contact with people. This fun little animal will not be bored. He can become a good friend to your children.

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