Greater long-tailed hamster, breed description

Photos, description krysovidnogo hamster breed characteristics

Photos, description krysovidnogo hamster breed characteristics

Krisovidnye kind Cricetulus hamsters live in the Primorsky Territory, Korean island, China, prefer river valleys. The body length is three times greater than that of the dwarf (18-25 cm), and the tail can reach 10 cm. The color is brownish-gray with white tips.

A distinctive feature of krysovidnogo hamster are long, not bushy tail with monochromatic light without end transverse rings (which are in the rat), big ears, white limbs.

Rodents eat seeds, plants, insects and birds eggs. In the winter they take down into their holes, the structure of which is much more complex than that of other members of their family, significant quantities of grain. Korean and Chinese peasants are searching for the beginning of winter storage hamsters, thereby replenish their food stocks.

Since the middle of spring and the end of October the female grows and takes care of the three cubs, the number of which can reach 8 to 20.

Krysovidnye hamsters his body and long tail is more like mice. The peculiarity of this kind is the Far East hamster size of a rat. There are approximately 6 species of these cute hamsters that food habits and behavior are very similar.

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