Common Hamster, description of the type

Description of the common hamster, photo type, characteristic of the breed

Description of the common hamster, photo type, characteristic of the breed

Hamster – cute animal family Khomyakov. Habitat is expanding on all continents. The size of the rodents with about a rat. It has large ears rounded, little pink nose, small white paws with distinct fingers. Fur is thick, fluffy, pretty funny color. Color is not evenly distributed throughout the body. Each pattern is unique, even reminiscent of items of clothing. Color light brown coat, black front forms a T-shirt, on the cheeks, neck, abdomen there are white spots. Sometimes the “T” is white. The animal has big eyes, like black pearls, not long milky mustache.

The nature of the behavior of the ordinary hamster. Animal calm, non-aggressive, at the same time an active, curious. Independence – the second name of these rodents. They do everything themselves: from the hunt, finishing structure at home. Never before has this breed the hamster did not take other people’s homes. Proper shelter building safely, diligently trying to play every detail. Inside the hole is a set of labyrinths, of which only outputs knows the owner of the property. Under the earth there is a storage room where the hamster carefully blowing away food for the winter. Grains, seeds, nuts, vegetables host carries himself, hiding stocks in their own cheeks. Food is always pulled down with the stock, always have to throw in the spring ruffled food. Hamsters given breed are great defenders, but so far there was only self-defense. In the event of an attack larger animals, animal, do not hesitate to throw at the enemy. Because of sharp teeth it is possible to hurt the bite through the skin of the beast, that has a chance to escape the hamster.

Tips for care in the home. When buying a hamster, having first cell. Choose a normal cage for rodents, preferably larger. The bottom of the recommended paved with something soft (straw, dry grass, wood shavings, paper). Put drinkers, feeders. Cleaning the house should be performed every two days. Otherwise you torment pungent smell. can feed the pet’s regular feed for rodents, occasionally giving hamster vegetables, herbs, nuts.

Breeding of common hamsters. Throughout the year, the female is able to produce offspring of two or three times. Usually it turns twenty ten babies at a time.

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