Uniform planting grass on the lawns, technology and care

For a beautiful lawn need to sow the seeds around the perimeter so, then there was no unnecessary gaps and too strong density in some places. To achieve the right results, we will give you some good advice.

Methods of seeding grass, care, technology and photo

Methods of seeding grass, care, technology and photo

Seed planting day should be warm, so that the soil was dry, and the soil moist inside.

In order to divide the land into equal parts, you can use thick kapron thread, string or flat sticks. Divide the seeds on the same amount for each block, take a plastic cup and use it as a measuring cup, separating the seeds into uniform pieces.

Sow in turn each square, using a yardstick when, this move from east to west. Similar actions were carried out with each unit.

Next you need to turn around and repeat the same steps, but from west to east. How come all the way, each unit gets half the required seeds.

To each square was uniform number of seeds, perform the same operation, but now the direction is north of the southern and northern South latter.
Now it turns out that you have used 4 × 4 of the cup and be sure that the grass will grow fairly evenly.

Now we need to protect the crop, in order to avoid the birds pecked. To do this, a little sprinkle of ground and cover with a fine mesh. Watering the lawn is often necessary to make it a permanent moisture of soil, then the grass is well accustomed and will rise.

As soon as the grass on your lawn reaches 5 centimeters check or collect all the stones that would not damage the mower. Then mow the grass for the first time need to be to do it on a warm day when the grass is dry. Mow will be low, leaving only 1 centimeter. And then your lawn will get a spectacular view.

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