Tips for watering bonsai

Caring for bonsai at home, watering, watering tips, description and a photo

Caring for bonsai at home, watering, watering tips, description and a photo

Those who already have a delightful plants grown in the art of bonsai, are often faced with the question of how all the same to take care of miniature trees. Much attention in the care takes watering plants on the presented topic will be discussed.

In the first place from a variety of options for irrigation – is rainwater. In no case, can not perceive directly submitted watering. The fact that there are many rainwater radiation defects, for reasons of data before approval thumbnail should be filtered with the rain water collected. Agree what to expect rainy weather just to water indoor tree – just a bad idea, so there is the best option – use ordinary tap water, and then again, you should not take it literally. Water, which is also flowing through the pipes not be suitable for approval, so the initial stages must defend water for a minimum of 24 hours in a closed vessel, and only then to perform irrigation.

One of the good options for watering is a common warm water. Let’s consider some options that will not fit for irrigation process inventions belong to the Eastern art. Firstly, it is boiled water. This fact is proved on the fact that such water is not contained absolutely no oxygen compounds that are needed ground. Secondly, the pouring of cold water. Variant considered one of the worst, because the result of such approval earth, the roots do not absorb moisture, resulting in not absorb absolutely no useful substances, as well as the root is the main part in the formation and growth of the plant begins to die all of the tree completely. Moreover, an excessive amount of moisture that remains in the first stage leads to rotting of the roots, the consequences of which bonsai are killed.

The third and final option is passing, that is, it is possible to use, and at the same time – it is not recommended. Watering with warm water. It was previously described that the hot water does not cause any harm, and feeds the plant, but not always. During the cold winter and autumn time intervals for bonsai characteristic inherent in them calm, and warm water is not timely to provoke a burst of energy root, the consequences of which in the initial stages of growth stimulated by miniature trees, and then it stops growing, or simply die. We dealt with what it should be water for gravy bonsai, and now move on to how it is necessary to approve the land. First, you need to check the water temperature. Ideally, it should be warm, not hot, and a temperature in which the tree grows, ie room temperature. Watering must be abundant to water covered everything and even of the smallest holes. After approval of the land need to carefully inspect the pot on the case did not go there at the bottom of the water, because the excessive moisture leads to the top of purulent process and mold development, which will undoubtedly harm the sapling. Under the rules of proper watering is necessary to watch closely to prevent water washed away the surface of the substrate portion. Make it quite difficult, so it is often used in the specially designed garden sprayer with pump that is adjusted to the different modes from which to select a fine spray mode. In the absence of the described tools you can use a special non-intensive watering for irrigation.

It happens that the hand is not either one or the other subject matter, and to pour bonsai still necessary. Do not worry! You can use an ordinary plastic bottle with a broken stopper (holes can be punched ordinary needle). In the process of watering you need to be extremely careful and cautious, because any mistake will lead to poor results, and this is proved by practice. There is one point that must always be taken into account. It’s the difference between a bonsai that is growing in a pot, and what grows in the bowl. If the growth of other plants, a fact which it is a flower, is not so important, it is a miniature tree regains a greater role.

Ideally, you need to water the tree so richly only cover the top layer, but if growing bonsai in the bowl – the amount of water may be slightly exceeded. But in the pot, any excess of the amount approved can be fatal. The bottom line is that the bowl tend to pass water through the whole land, so the percentage of suppuration plant is reduced and the pot keeps all the moisture inside the main thing – do not overdo it. Then follows another question: how not to overdo it with water? So, if the plant is in a bowl – all easy watering until completely wet cover the entire top of the ball. If the bonsai is in the pot, you need to feel the humidity level inside. A similar measurement is only possible with his finger on the approximate distance of 2-5 cm (depending on the size of the pot), the only way to learn how a larger or smaller amount of water necessary to water the Bonsai.

There are also several life hacking for watering process. For example, often this is done using electronic scales. Thus, how to orient and possibly it needs watering the root ball. All seems difficult only in the initial stages of the trees, and eventually will be seen by the naked eye when the miniature needs approval. It often happens that a lot of time to pick up a little tree operations. In such cases, you should buy a granular substrate, it has unusual properties. In practice, nobody has been able to fill these granules, for the reasons that they tend to absorb moisture very well.

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