Formation bark bonsai wire

Tips for building bonsai crust without wire, description and a photo

Tips for building bonsai crust without wire, description and a photo

Despite the fact that the invention of the wire method, created a furor, there are other ingenious processes of formation of bonsai crust, which is also popular. Such methods include using load correction or pin. To use the pin, it is necessary to enclose a special rubber gasket. Because the pins used without the presence of such spacers may cause serious damage to the bark of the plant.

For all the time growing in the Japanese technique of bonsai, many faced with the same problem: too big leaves that are not the same in proportion to the size of the plant. In such cases, reduce the leaves by artificial means. Leves trees trimmed with soft ends, with the first month of the spring period and before the end of the first summer month. The stalks are leaves on the plant. After the operation represented, miniature tree begins to dissolve the new leaves that have a fairly small size and more accurate shapes that harmoniously match bonsai. At the same time carry out a reduction of leaves is not always allowed. There are certain requirements for artificial change leaves the plant. So, here are a few necessary for the formation of Matches:

  • A healthy and strong root system
  • The plant is old enough and has corrected form
  • The tree is covered with abundant leaves, that will automatically become a guarantor of continuation listochnogo development
  • Conditions of miniature trees are good by the standards of Japanese bonsai techniques. The plant lives in minimal sunny location gets enough nutrients and periodically watered the required amount of water

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