Formation of bonsai crust using wire

Formation bark bonsai at home with the help of wires, tips, descriptions and photos

Formation bark bonsai at home with the help of wires, tips, descriptions and photos

At the beginning of the 20th century with the help of Multiyear practice, created a new method for the formation of bonsai. To do this, use an ordinary wire. The newly replaced the old method, when the plant is constantly trimmed to produce certain results, which had to wait a few years. Now, as you know, the process of the forming wire showed excellent performance, with a wire creates an incredibly original and unique form of mini-trees. Make these adjustments possible with wire stems, twigs, shoots, in the period when the previously listed start of the bonsai stronger. How suitable for the formation of the Japanese tree, checked his hands gently bending the part of the plant in different directions. Often there are situations when when checking something breaks. In this situation, the main thing is not to panic, but immediately make the next step. At the place where the most noticeable damage, urgently need to splint the fracture is already connected. Unfortunately, the risk of break down or somehow damage the tree in the early stages of growth – large enough. Therefore, in such situations is better to abandon the formation of bonsai. To correct the shape of trees is necessary at a time when the transplant is recommended. As you know, this is the beginning of March and the end of April. It was during this spring sapling interval more relaxed, easy to tolerate any action. Then there is the bonsai bending branches and trunk area, which change the internal cellular connection without all the negative influences. Those parts that have been corrected by applying wire after a passage of time, are constantly in the form of initial wire, what is the essence of presented formation. During the formation of the crust does not fit any wire. Preference for this has copper wire. The second option – aluminum wire. The first is considered the best, because it is not so noticeable on the background color of the crust. Oblige the desired part of the bonsai should be only the third part of the wire in relation to the correct area. Let’s get to the action form.

So, what to do. Robot is considered quite fragile, so do all the necessary care.

The wire must be wound so abundantly to change the field winding does not exceed 45 degrees. Be sure to constantly watch the bark, leaves and shoots, you do not accidentally damage the plant. If we are talking about a very gentle type of bonsai, apart from the usual wire should be adapted underneath the corrugated paper. It happens that one part of the wire is not sufficiently corrects a certain plant part is then allowed to another identical layer wires adjacent to the previous one. When winding is necessary with one hand firmly press the wire to the sapling, and the second carefully so as not to damage the bonsai, wind on the desired area, holding the other end of the Japanese plants. Everyone has done a neat round hand is fixed. After a certain number of turns, the end of the wire firmly thrust into the ground soil, fixed on the barrel or on the stable branch of the plant. The process of winding wire products takes place in a vertical direction and reaches the bottom to the top (stem region), and then proceeds to the tops of sufficiently large branches. Often two parallel branches grow under similar conditions shakes of one part of the wire, but since branches are opposite one another, placing them in different directions. The process of fixing threads going up or down with a predetermined slope during the initial stages of fixing a wire. ½ winding beginning portion of the wrapping is perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the adjustment of the longitudinal field. After making such a procedure, a wire can be located on parts of the plant about 30 days, when thin threads. For education, with a wire, the trunk or larger branches of the recommended time of holding the wire – about 6 months. Presented norms suitable for general typecasting Japanese bonsai, but in the home using this method of correction, it is necessary to carefully monitor the process. If the plant is considerably acquires the wire, the wire is removed, regardless of whether it was to the end steadfastly formation. Otherwise, the young bark miniature trees is significantly damaged. Also, in case of late withdrawal of wire formed scars from which bonsai looks unhealthy. After a short interval, the possibility of forming a tree again – fully resumed. This method ensures good results in a harmonious and beautiful bonsai correcting Japanese representatives. After expiration has designed for the formation of certain areas of the time or just when the reach the desired result, be sure to remove the wire products. To carry out such an operation is necessary as well as to wind, only in reverse order. All the action, as in the early stages, it is necessary to make carefully, trying not to bring any damage to the plant.

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