Growing quail at home

Growing quail at home, characterization, description and a photo

Growing quail at home, characterization, description and a photo

Breeding quails are predominantly due to the eggs and meat, and one and the second is characterized by excellent taste and pleasant aroma. In practice, much easier to take care of Japanese quails, they are widely distributed around the world. They are small, but have a good chest muscles, round and stubby wings, feathers are brownish-gray, is distinguished by its coloration on the head, neck, and other parts of the body. Quail weighs 120-140 g

Chicks grow very quickly and as soon as survive 50 days allowed to be slaughtered for meat. Carry a female egg with 35-45 days per year and can carry 250-300 eggs. Weighs 7-14 g Egg, quail eggs are composed of phosphorus, iron and various vitamins are much more than in chicken. Quail contain separately, on one male falls 2-3 females mating is carried out every 1-2 days. Allowed content of several females with one quail opposite sex. Eggs in incubators maintained at a temperature of 37-50 ° C and relative humidity of 60% at the beginning, at the end of 70%. However, many people prefer to display chicks, using hens hens.

Chicks kept at 50-60 in the same cell size 100x60x30 see. For the first week, the metal net spread a layer of paper, in the same chicks are fed and given water, and when they grow it outside. After 30 days of life are separated by sex. Quail are kept in a dark room for five weeks in the same place, and fattening, and the females transferred to the other and placed on three or four individuals in the same cage. Eat dry mixed fodder, which include corn, wheat, wheat bran, vitamins and minerals.

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