Family Crassulaceae (Crassulaceae) charges a lot of different plants. Rhode sedum (Sedum), one of the most diverse. Scientists have recovered close to 600 species of plants. They are all very different and can grow in different parts of the globe.

Stonecrop sedum family, photo and landing

Stonecrop sedum family, photo and landing

Crassulaceae often used for garden decoration, yard, or as houseplants. Who revived the tradition of planting sedum on the rooftops earthy, many designers offer such a service to its customers. It looks very nice and plus to all environmentally.

Winter-hardy plants will decorate the yard, even in winter, and heat-loving species will be pleasing to the eye in the house. The most important thing – it’s simplicity and ease of care of sedum.

Most stonecrops combines long stems with thick branches, which form a semicircle for frequent or long thin twigs, which descend to the bottom. Less number of species is characterized by a short and low stalk that grows under the guise of a rosette.

Sedum leaves are placed directly on the shoot, petiole absent. Form leaves varied and depends on the plant species. For example, be semicircular, oval or sharp as knives. The color is also different leaves: green, blue, purple and even milk. Among the unusual species there are two-tone with a combination of green and red, no less unique view stonecrop leaves which change their color depending on the location (in the shade – green, and the sun – yellow).

Flowering sedum is not very long, but beautiful. Small flowers are collected in inflorescence spicate or thyroid and form a large hemisphere. These large balls are usually white, yellow, pink colors.

Such a bright color and beautiful shape will decorate any place near the house or apartment.


If the garden sedum can be a bit lost among a variety of other plants, the apartment will be exactly the star. There are about 20 species stonecrops for cultivation in the room conditions. All of them are unpretentious in the care and do not require a lot of care. With the help of sedum can create beautiful compositions at home. It is best to combine it with a cactus plant, or other types of sedum, so it will look best. Lone stonecrops do not look so impressive.

Sedum can be grown in hanging pots or pots. Stonecrop Morgan – one of the most beautiful species is well suited for growing on the balcony. The leaves have an unusual color: green with a blue tint. Long branches fall to the bottom and look very lush. Stonecrop Morgan likes lots of sun and heat, so it is best to keep it on the balcony on the south side.

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