Grandiflora Indian chrysanthemum, cultivation

Growing Indian chrysanthemum from seeds near the house, description, tips

Growing Indian chrysanthemum from seeds near the house, description, tips

Many are trying to grow the Indian Chrysanthemum Grandiflora at home from seed, but it is very difficult to do.

Indian Chrysanthemum Refers to the annual mean. Thermophilic, just likes nutritious soil and constant moisture.

Propagation takes place by means of green cuttings, they are obtained from the mother liquor. Cut stalks in autumn, hidden in a cold place (cellar), sometimes moistened and held there until February.

Further the plant is placed in a bright place (first in the greenhouse) the air temperature is not more than 14 degrees, and often moistened. When the plants grow a little with his need to take cuttings. Next plant, since both the Korean chrysanthemum in special boxes.

Cuttings that have taken root, it is necessary to move the pots, and take care of them until the beginning of the summer richly moisturizing. Before planting you need to prepare the soil. The first few days of chrysanthemum should be protected from the bright, hot sun and a good moisturizer. It is also desirable zamulchirovat peat.

In summer, you need to clean a bed of weeds, loose, fertilize, tie (if grade tall), it is important in the Indian chrysanthemums. You also need to pinch back the bush, at a time when the stem is in the pot.

It is important to know how to pinch sprouts so that in the end turned out more than 3 flowers.

There are varieties that need each week to trim the side shoots, but gently. When pruning important not to damage the fragile stalk, because it can lead to abnormal development of inflorescences.

Artificial Chrysanthemum Grandiflora distillation. This chrysanthemum is necessary to fertilize weekly.

With the onset of autumn bud fully formed, you now need to dig up and put in a large pot and place in a warm place, but not higher than 18 degrees. In order to delay flowering, place in a cool place and occasionally watered.

Chrysanthemum can not fill. Sometimes the leaves may turn yellow and fall off, then the lower stem becomes empty, then it is necessary to cut and send in a vase.

The cut stems should be stored in the cellar at a temperature of 1 3 degrees, until yet again it will be possible to cut new cuttings.