How can I keep abutilon winter at home

Given the characteristics of the climate of the middle band, the choice of sites for wintering abutilon us rich. The most common and the options available: the contents of the apartment, in your own home, on the windowsill – warm wintering, and insulated unheated loggia – a cold winter.

Flower abutilon content in the winter – warm wintering

Winter maintenance, how to care for abutilon winter

Winter maintenance, how to care for abutilon winter

When the content in a warm (temperature + 18-22 degrees) need additional lighting. Suffice couple of household energy-saving lamps with a color temperature of 2800 K and 6400 K (varies according to the type of light emitted) to 20 watts each, are located at a distance of not more than one meter from the tops of the plants.

It is also necessary to consider that on the windowsill roots abutilon frequently supercooled. In combination with excessive watering the root system of the plant may rot. Therefore, be sure to enclose a pot heat insulating gasket – a piece of foam, cork, knitted cloth. This advice is valid even in the presence of modern plastic double-glazed windows.

In winter, reduce watering to moderate so that the soil dries out on half the pot, but not the leaves lose turgor. Topsoil weekly loosened without damaging the roots.

Even more difficult to account for abutilon, crown which is in the area of ​​dry and hot air rising from the radiators. The leaves are heated and actively evaporate moisture, which reserves have not time to be replenished due to weak root activity. With the reduction of photosynthesis abutilon forced to expend internal resources, which is why leaves turn yellow and fall off prematurely. Later comes a starvation and exhaustion. Obviously, abutilon caught in such conditions would be a long time to be ill and may even die. To avoid losses, look for plants such places where the temperature at the roots and crown will be the same.

Fertilizing with foliar warm winter preferred, on the sheet, and that is important, only on demand, ie, when the signs of malnutrition. Otherwise, unused nutrients accumulated in the substrate and deposited on the roots in the form of an impermeable cover, which reduces their absorbency.

Conditions of successful warm winter:

  • “feet” – in the heat;
  • moderate watering;
  • additional lighting;
  • timely dressing.

Flower abutilon content in the winter – cold winter

Organize it can be warmed in the loggia or balcony, if the temperature there drops below + 8-10 degrees.

Abutilon tolerate short-term drop in temperature to -5 degrees and survive, if the root system is not frozen. Outdoors the night stand spring and autumn frosts.

I believe that the cold wintering is better than warm. The only important and indisputable requirement, which in this case is necessary to carry out – a moderate, and even scanty watering.

Imagine towel in two states: a little depressed – equate it to a plentiful watering, and pressed in a washing machine – a meager watering. Choose the second option for abutilon watering. And let dry between waterings as possible, avoiding only the withering leaves.

Pledge of successful cold winter:

  • temperature: 8-12 degrees;
  • scanty watering;
  • correctly formatted ground;
  • no fertilizing.

Note, the right content in the home abutilon:

  • It is best to overwinter abutilon in a loose, breathable and light soil.
  • For plants planted in peat, it is impossible to maintain a lean mode of irrigation, since drying of a substrate is extremely reluctant to absorb moisture.
  • In cold winter in dressing will not need until mid-February until the sun awakens the plants from winter sleep.