Caring for cacti house

Caring for indoor cactus and succulents. Instructions

Caring for indoor cactus and succulents. Instructions

Many opt for succulents and cacti house, believing that they are not demanding to leave. Even a slight redness from the sun, wrinkling of the negative temperature and flowering cacti do not change the erroneous opinion. After all, plants need special care.

In summer, cacti require more careful maintenance – heat and sunlight. Since at this time of year crouches during their active growth. Therefore, they need regular watering, spraying and fertilizer. An important role in the growth of cacti play a well-ventilated area.

In preparation for the winter time, cacti should gradually reduce watering and fertilizing. The optimum temperature for their winter is 10-12 degrees, it enables gorgeous flowering the following season. At this temperature, cacti require little or no irrigation. If the plants spend the winter in a warm room, then moisten the substrate to be sometimes.

With the onset of spring cacti need only a light spray without irrigation. After the winter period, they must first acclimatize and then fall under the rays of the sun.

To better navigate the cactus needs, you need to learn to distinguish their group. The first group includes terrestrial cacti, which need heat and sun, and the second – forest growing on trees.