Secure children’s slide, with his own hands

Secure children's slide to giveModern industry is ready to easily provide a variety of products for the entertainment of children. In particular, this applies to street toys, various carousels. Nevertheless, it is possible to make the children’s slides yourself, you only need to know some basic rules of safety. Compliance with them will allow you to not only save money but also protect children.

Regardless of the age of the children, a slide must be safe. This is the main requirement. It means one must have railings and fences. Remember, during the outdoor games the child can not simultaneously keep track of others, so that the elements to prevent falls from height, are completely superfluous.

Another safety criterion – use only harmless to health materials, which are usually classified as environmentally friendly, so they are easy to recognize. It is totally unacceptable use of readily combustible materials.

The only exception – Hill Cottage, it should preferably be made of wood, which is not the sun is heated to such an extent that may cause injury (unlike steel). However, steel is also permissible to build the hill, only to put it as far as possible, on a shady site. Plastic slides flimsy, easily cracked, and it makes no sense to do that, and so are widely sold.

Thinking design, it is quite possible to show imagination and scope. However, do not allow to have gaps and cracks in the structure.

On the descent will take several boards of the same length and width. The base is very good grind. Then add to the side of the slope. Determining the angle, it is better to focus on the factory setting – fifty-five degrees.

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