Airing a greenhouse with their hands

Window shutters to ventilate greenhouses, with their own handsGardeners would agree that a good harvest in the area will not be without at least one greenhouse, it is only possible with the help of greenhouses to grow vegetables and herbs that love the heat, before the season, and also several times more. There are also plants that will not grow in a normal garden-vegetable garden.

The principle of operation is very simple greenhouses: vegetables emit carbon dioxide, and because of this greenhouse gas have nowhere to go, he accumulated while holding the heat inside. Vegetables such as cucumbers, are very fond of heat, but all plants need fresh air, so ventilation greenhouses – the key to successful outcomes. Also, this procedure prevents the emergence of all kinds of pests, which also helps you multiply the harvest. Greenhouse Ventilation means a hardening and that makes vegetables and greens more resistant to changes in temperature, and this strengthens the young plants.

So, to create the most favorable and natural conditions for the plants, it is necessary to observe the rules of ventilation of greenhouses. First you need to control the temperature and humidity levels. This requires the greenhouse equipped with a thermometer and a device for measuring the moisture level.

To ensure proper air circulation and natural conditions for the plants in the greenhouse should be a hole in the form of air vents, as well as special fans for such facilities in the garden. Area vents for ventilation should be no more than 1/5 of the total area of ​​greenhouses and they have to be located on two opposite walls of a greenhouse.

If the air is cool at night, it is best not to open the air vents if the warm – leave open. In very hot and windless days should open and the door to the greenhouse to avoid stagnant air.

If your greenhouse grow very fragile and heat-loving vegetables, you need to install shutters on the window, to carefully control the flow of air.

Remember that the construction and improvement of the greenhouse does not need to save, because you all will return in the form of a generous harvest and following the rules and ventilation plants growing in the wild, you will provide vegetables and herbs.

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