Carrot fly control methods in the garden

The fight against carrot fly, prevention, anti-pest in the garden. How to protect the fetus from the larvae, all ways

The fight against carrot fly, prevention, folk remedy against the pest in the garden. How to protect the fetus from the larvae, all ways

Beginners, experienced gardeners need to understand how to fight and even to get rid of flies carrot in the garden. Truck farmers must understand carrot fly strikes delicious fruit carrots, radishes and fruit, sometimes celery.

The name of the pest – “carrot fly” carries the inaccuracy, because we should not be afraid of the flies and larvae. The larvae of carrot fly look pale cream-colored, long reach sizes of no more than half a centimeter. His activities, pests, larvae can bring huge harvest losses gardener or a specialized agricultural complex, of course, required quality, timely crop protection, uniquely.

The first method of protection – constant care. We do not recommend leaving after thinning plants plucked. And, of course, prevent the thickening of fruits.

Prior to planting all the way to the garden of the selection process is recommended pirimiphos-methyl. Excellent alternative – you can just completely bed of seedlings conceal the grid.

Antiquated, quite old, it is unrealistic ancient way of defense against the carrot fly. You must alternate rows with carrots, onions, garlic. It turns out that pest terribly afraid of garlic, onions, and therefore simply do not stop near your vegetable garden will fly to the neighbors, that is fun.

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