Pest control mole crickets in the garden

Cricket Beetle photo. How to destroy and to combat Medvedkov on the site. Beetle kills seedlings and young trees. What to do.

Cricket Beetle (kapustyanka) photo. How to destroy and to combat mole crickets on the site. Beetle kills seedlings and young trees. What to do.

So, let’s imagine the situation: “You bought a garden plot, however, along with the sites on which you are going to safely engage in gardening, you discover that in the ground lurking saboteur – beetle cricket or, as it is called – beetle kapustyanka (see photo. ) !. ”

Mole crickets works very successfully and quickly, do not have time to plant the seedlings, as there is something, it is not clear that it begins to eat.

Let us first we will tell you what the cricket and what she looks like! This “monster” brown-brown in color, usually found only in the fertile soil, grows to the size of no more than 5 cm. The front paw something like claws and whole body a little bit hairy.

This pest brings real fear on the man in the first meeting, in particular, human, far from gardening. It should be noted that our “favorite monster” loves to eat not only the seedlings, but also likes to eat different varieties of vegetables and even more very young seedlings of plants.

Measures and means to combat mole crickets cottage

Is there any way to protect against mole crickets (kapustyanki)?

  • The first way to protect and even destruction is as follows: in the garden lay small piles of manure (preferably – fresh!). After a while, as a rule – a month, the beetle climbs kapustyanka these handful of bait and start doing the little mink for further egg laying. Once find the mink, quickly gather a handful together and burn them!
  • Try to remember the middle of May to engage in loosening the soil between the rows. Earth is best to loosen no deeper than 10 cm. At the same time you pull on the surface of the pest eggs, after which they begin to die under the influence of the sun. This action is best to be repeated every 10 days.
  • Of course, if you’re a lazy gardener can buy pesticides for the destruction of mole crickets. To the list of such chemicals include special – mole crickets, grizzly and thunder. When planting in the spring, make chemical granules into the soil no deeper than 5 cm is considered adequate amount of consumption -. 3 grams per square meter plot. It is worth noting that if you live on the site a pet (cat or dog), it is better not to use chemicals to destroy the mole crickets.

An effective fight against mole crickets, folk remedies

Awful much cricket does not like at all – avoid any contact with the black alder. To use alder as a defense, grind it leaves (about one kg of dry leaves or 2 kg only torn) and pour 10 liters of water. Allow the water to brew the leaves, about 12 hours, then strain and sprinkle your garden this infusion.

Also, a great option would be to just stick green branches of alder in the soil in the garden. At the same time make sure that the distance between the branches did not exceed 0,5 meters. Use only fresh branch!

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