Cactus Astrophytum

Consider beautiful stem cactus Astrophytum, tsereusovye subfamily, which has adapted and grown in Mexico. Among this family of cactus known all 5 types, but it is not forbidden to bring new varieties, hybrids. Astrophytum also called “star-shaped cactus”, as it is often possible to meet with five ribs. Popular cactus Astrophytum spotted most often found in the room culture. When growing indoors it reaches the 30 cm height and 60 cm in nature.

Care, maintenance and transplanting cactus Astrophytum, photo

Care, maintenance and transplanting cactus Astrophytum, photo

The stem of a young plant still has a diameter of 15 cm and covered with white spots. Already over a cactus becomes a cylindrical shape and is stretched. It grows plants without thorns, and areolas are covered with brown hairs eventually disappear. Astrophytum spotted in nature can have 5 large ribs and Astrophytum Asterias to 10 ribs. During the summer, cactus blooms 2-3 flower similar to daisy, bright yellow with a diameter of 5-6 cm appear on Astrophytums mottled, yellow with reddish mid -. In stellate.

Astrophytum not bloom earlier than at the age of 3 years and they grow slowly. To grow it needs quite sunny place, but you need to avoid direct sunlight. In the cold it is left in a room at a temperature of 6-10 ° C.

Water the plants sparingly in spring and summer, it requires watering when the land dries 2/3. Winter is not watered at all. Fertilize cactus 1 can be in the summer once a month – a fertilizer high in potash.

To transplant the plants better to wait until spring, at which time the roots fill the entire pot. Transplant need in clay, nourishing the earth with the addition of charcoal and lime. Since the roots of the cactus grow slowly, he needs a transplant is rare, about 1 every 4-5 years.

For reproduction using seeds Astrophytum. It begins to blossom only after 2 years.

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