Consider a small cylindrical cactus subfamily tsereusovye – Ferocactus. Cactus grows in Mexico and the southern United States. Plant name comes from the Latin “ferus” – “wild”. Total cactus can reach a height of up to 4 m. The plant consists of a set of ribs with stout spines. There are more than 33 species of Ferocactus most extensive cactus native to Mexico – Ferocactus widely igolochny.

Description and care Ferocactus, photo

Description and care Ferocactus, photo

Shirokokolyuchkovy Ferocactus grows slowly, has a height of 30-40 cm and a diameter of 40 cm. Cactus spines are very sharp up to 2.5 cm long, white or pink. Also cactus called the “devil’s tongue” because thorns grow on the edges of beams in each of them are 4 central spines long 4 cm. On the plant can grow red or purple flowers in nature, indoor flowers grow rare.

For sequential growth of cactus it needs sunny place for exposure to direct rays of the winter it is necessary to cool and dry place. Water the plants need moderately, in the winter is very rare, so that the ground was wet in the pot.

Transplant make the spring so that the edges between the plant and the pot was away. Fertilize cactus need every 4 weeks from spring to autumn – mineral fertilizer. For reproduction using plant seeds.

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