Plant design in house

Any owner is trying to create in the house a warm atmosphere, comfort, convenience, and that it all looked aesthetically pleasing and effective. The owners houseplants skillfully decorate the interior of the house with their colors. Juicy, bright green is excellent accents in the house, which is dominated by pastel colors or to complement the main color of the room. Clean Air Aroma with notes of flowers brings delight any guest.

Plant design at home

Plant design at home

Plants love a lot of light, so they are usually placed on the window sill, in the first place a lot of light, in the second space savings. This option is perfect for small apartments, but do not forget about the other places. For example, hang-downing plants will feel good on the wall with special grates or without special tools if the wall has a rough surface. This not only saves space, but it will look very impressive. Create a rich and warm atmosphere will help large pots, such as palm or ficus. Many plant lovers give birth to these perennial plants, but it is worth remembering that they need space, so take care of it in advance. But the most important thing to plant decorated your home decor – it’s well-maintained plants.

If you place a flower on the windowsill, then see that it does not withered away from direct solar radiation. If the plant is not located near a window, it is possible a bad development because artificial light is not always a positive effect. It all depends on the individual characteristics of each plant.

When all the plants are healthy and beautiful, then you can think about a beautiful pot. Yes, it can be used to decorate your home and enhance the beauty of the plant. you can create a whole bunch of colors using special pots – very unusual and beautiful. Originally looked plants that do not require soil. There are plant species that thrive in the hydro helium balls, it remains only to choose a beautiful vase and enjoy.

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