Lighting a garden plot

Lighting suburban area with their own hands. Landscape lighting country, land, infield

Lighting suburban area with their own hands. Landscape lighting country, land, infield

Lighting garden plot may be implemented in different ways, and even by hand. Today the garden lighting in the country plays not only decorative, but also security function. A properly designed system of illumination can highlight the most interesting parts of the garden, and hide the place where still need to work.

Thus, the release point and fill lighting. And depending on the intensity: muted or bright. With spotlights clear. It is used to illuminate only certain places in a garden. Fill – for larger areas. Also in accordance with the scope of use there lights for facades, paths, ponds, pavilions and accent lighting. Modern lamps may be powered by regular electricity, and solar. LED lamps illuminate the small area of ​​the weak white light as the solar cells they can not provide the necessary voltage flashlight. Typically, they are used to illuminate ponds, the allocation garden paths and the like. Light sources should be strong, able to withstand certain mechanical damage. They should also be resistant to moisture. That is why lamps should be chosen with a special coating. Before installation of the light system should be all clear plan. In the preparation of the project you need to consider which sites require additional lighting, what type of lighting is appropriate, how to work the lighting, and the like.

Develop a project, you can begin installation of the system. Technically, this is done as follows: under the ground to lay cables, connect the circuit with a shield, install their own fixtures themselves. To activate, use the manual, semi-automatic, automatic control system. If you install a semi-automatic system, the need to manually turn it on and off it after some time on their own. The automated system in your garden will be a switch and a sensor, which with the help of the timer will turn on or turn off the light.

It is worth remembering that cleverly designed lighting system can create in your garden a special mood, emphasize the beauty of the night, and decorate your landscape.

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