Boxwood in landscape design

Buksus evergreen boxwood, care at home, photo and description

Buksus evergreen boxwood, care at home, photo and description

Boxwood – Latin name Buxus. This plant is considered to be the most common in the landscape design. This evergreen shrub used for decoration of flower beds, creating scenery. Often it is used for the manufacture of various shapes and compositions.

Bukus as the people still call it evergreen, used peoples of ancient Greece. Our ancestors used boxwood for making a variety of furniture and musical instruments, we believed that this plant is a talisman, and believed that it has a protecting from evil spirits and black magic helps in the performance of desire and gives us hope for a better future.

With proper care, a shrub and can withstand cold winters, showing off their bright green dress. But the size of the plant does not depend on snow cover, and by watering, even in winter. The first color Boxwood throws at the beginning of March. Seeds appear in early October.

The plant must be protected from direct light and dry weather. To do this, you need to create an artificial shadow. Abundantly watered in dry weather. And plants need watering until the rooting. But boxwood plant can be everywhere. The soil is suitable either.

Boxwood bushes, cut a certain type, grow faster, as all sides branches receive the same amount of light. To keep in good shape constantly trim the branches in summer. In very hot weather, you need a thorough watering. Shakes off the winter snow from the branches, as under the weight of its branches may not survive and break off. Spring – the best time for planting boxwood and feeding.

Boxwood is very poisonous shrub that has more unpleasant odor. When the particles hit the bush juice into the human body can cause severe poisoning. Even death.

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