Lilac, spring planting and care

Beautiful lilac bush, photo and description. Choosing the right place to land

Beautiful lilac bush, photo and description. Choosing the right place to land, and destroy diseases and pests bushes

May – time of flowering lilac – showy ornamental plant. How can you not love the lilacs? Its heady aroma and delicate small flowers, gathered in an elegant hand, attract the attention of every gardener. This perennial shrub is common in southern Europe and eastern Asia. By planting lilacs, you fill the garden with white, creamy-yellow, pink, red, blue, violet, purple and cherry colors.

The plant prefers fertile and moderately moist soil with a neutral pH. It needs a sunny location.

Growing lilacs in the garden

Can be planted lilacs in the spring (March – April) and autumn (September – the first decade of November). These landings are the most favorable terms.

Before planting lilacs removed all damaged roots, long – shortened, twisted – straightened. In the planting hole add humus, wood ash, superphosphate. You can grow like the lilac seedlings and cuttings. Seedling necessarily watered tree trunks – mulch. Fertilizers bring in a few years after planting. The bush is formed from the first year of cultivation, removing damaged and shoots growing inside crown.

Lilac, pests, diseases and their treatment

Remember that plants have pests and diseases: lilac Moth, moth-zygaenidae, late blight kidney. Protect lilac bushes will help processing phosalone, rogorom, Bordeaux liquid.