Work in the garden in July

Обработка сада в июлеWith the arrival of July, gardeners wonder – and what you can do with themselves in the garden, and even in July, the month when everything is planted? In today’s article we will try to answer this disturbing question. Now we read carefully study the information and quickly ran to the garden.
First of all – we remove windfalls! As often as possible gather windfalls, especially moth affected. On the lower part of the apple trees, pears, plums Apply a trapping zone of burlap, corrugated or newsprint width of 10-15 cm from tieing twine to the edges loosely fitted to the trunk and served as a refuge for the caterpillars pupate.

Concern about the future of the crop – do not forget! July is not only the month of maturation of the current crop, but also during the formation of fruit buds – the basis of the harvest next year. The plants at this time should not feel a lack of power – spend foliar fertilizer (spray) complete mineral fertilizer with trace elements (you can use complex fertilizers available on the market).

Pours, berry! In the first week of July, when the berries are poured juice, raspberries, currants and gooseberries Feed the solution of mullein (1: 8) with the addition of 50-60 g of superphosphate and 100-150 grams of ash or 30 g of potassium salt. Under raspberries fill half a bucket on per meter under currants and gooseberries – a bucket per 1 sq.m. In dry hot weather, do not forget to water the berries.

Getting rid of spots on strawberry garden! To reduce the spread on the strawberry (strawberry) spot, spray it with a 1% solution of Bordeaux mixture.