How to care for Apple trees, the right (useful) advice

Proper care of young Apple trees

Proper care of young Apple trees.

The ideal time to buy Apple tree seedlings is autumn, however, its recommended to plant the tree in spring, preferably in a permanent place. From the moment from purchase of trees until planting Apple trees should be kept in the soil. So that to add the seedlings you must dig on the area a small indentation, length 50 and a width of 40 centimeters. Put the seedling inclination, pretends the earth so that a significant portion was covered with earth, then insulate the soil and watered. If there is snow more than a meter in the garden, pay attention the seedlings will sweat.

How to care for Apple trees — the planting process

When the snow slowly melts — you can start planting Apple trees. It all depends on territorial weather. It will be better to mark the place of tree planting later. Remember, the distance from tree to tree should not be less than four meters, where a variety of seedlings are trees with large crown, the distance should be increased to about 5 meters. The pit should be in the 60-80 cm diameter with an indentation in 60 centimeters. To prepare a place for planting better in the autumn. In the spring the lower layers of the earth are in a frozen state, for you will be harder to dig. After planting try to give the seedling a certain amount of moisture on one tree just 2-3 buckets of water. Once the water leaks, the top, wet layer you can sprinkle the dry earth, and to throw humus. This process doesn’t let moisture evaporate so fast.

Proper care of young Apple trees

During the summer you must watch out for the correct development of the trees, especially the young, which were planted in the spring. You should clean the tree from pests, caterpillars, weevils, they destroy the young leaves. Don’t forget to watch the weeds, they take moisture and nutrients from the soil, the weeds are slowing down the growth of cultivated plants of the garden. To destroy weeds, you should remove the plant from the ground, try to pull out with the roots, this will ensure complete removal and prevent further growth of the weed. The use of herbicides for weed withdrawal can give negatively affect on the development of cultural vegetation.