The useful advice for growing walnut

In today’s article let us consider an interesting problem for many gardeners, we will learn how to grow your walnut at home or at the cottage, in the garden. I want to mention that a walnut is a perennial tree, there were cases, when the walnut has attained the age of 400-600 years. Properly care for seedlings will be able to give delicious fruit to many generations. Do you want to grow and develop your the garden of nuts near cottages or house? Please read and learn!

How right to plant walnut seeds

How right to plant walnut seeds

How right to plant walnut seeds

When you bought the seedling of walnut and decided to plant it, you need to remember some important rules:

  • You must choose logically the landing area, in the future, when the tree will have a huge crown, it will interfere with neighbouring plants, big crown will block the sun for smaller trees and plants.
  • Not worth to plant a walnut near the houses, large roots can destroy a foundation.
  • It is recommended to plant it in a permanent place, after it breaks deeply through a thin root.

We plant walnut only by seeds, so that we must select the largest fruit. So that to plant a walnut, we will rend fruit from the green shell, dry it well in sunlight, then put it in the shade, on light wind. Drying near the battery gives negatively affect on the future growth of the tree

Growing walnut with seed

If you plant a walnut in the autumn — do not dry it. You must dig a huge pit, 1m deep and 1m in diameter. The soil that you got out of pit mix with manure, in this way the seedling will get a supply of nutrients for further development. We should put the seed in small indentation depth and 20cm in diameter — 15cm. We put the fruit up the seam. If you forget and put seed with spicy on top, the development of tree will stop and you will eat the fruit only after 3 years.