The gall mite on the pear tree and how to deal with them

The destruction of the gall mite on the pear tree.

The destruction of the gall mite on the pear tree.

The gall mite on the garden pear can fully reduce the level of your tree. So, to the list we can include a significant reduction in the appearance of new shoots, almost the ruin of the kidneys and generally the low level of harvest – it is only an initial list that can bring gall mite to the garden. Do you want to kill him ? You should start this action only in the spring!

So that you know exactly what it looks like gall mite, we will now describe to you a small portrait of the garden pests. It has the lengthening body with gray-white color (the length of the body is not more than 0.25 mm ), the body has two pairs of legs. It lives, as usual, very secretive, as it prefer don’t be caught. Its favorite places are the kidneys and leaves of some garden trees such as pear, rowan, or hawthorn. In fact,we aren’t safe from the gall mite, because we don’t know when he will make his attack. I just want to inform you that it is in all the gardens and in all corners of the country, where grows the pear tree. In winter, the mite is hidden under the shell of the kidney.We should notice that in the one such kidney can hide a family of up to 1.2-1.5 thousand mites.

Even before the flowering of the kidney,the female of gall mite begin to lay eggs inside of the kidneys, and after their birth, all newborns pests eat these kidneys.

After the blooming of the first leaves, all pests climb from their places and begin the way.They climb in the still quite young leaves of the pear tree and begin to eat the small tunnels. You can easily see them in the swollen stripes on the leaves. The color of the stripes in the original form is a slightly yellow, and then the color gradually becomes darker. When on the one leave worked a huge number of mites, it completely dries up and falls off at all.In this way the tree lost the leaves which are a source of energy.

In one season,the females of gall mite can give about 3 generations.

The destruction of the gall mite on the pear tree.

The measures against the gall mites are in the right and immediate care of a tree. If you saw the fallen leaves or slightly damaged, you must immediately get them and burn! For the destruction of the pest it would be a good means as the spraying the tree (before blooming of the kidneys). The information list: 0.2% decis, INTA-VIR (is recommended amount – 1 tablet per 10 liters of water).

We strongly recommend to repeat the spraying in the autumn.