Care of pear, an interesting secrets

How to plant a pear tree near the house

How to plant a pear tree near the house.

The pear tree is popular in the garden. Its fruits are valued for interesting taste, exceptional aroma, with a capacity of dietary properties that are useful to the human body — vitamins. In territories where there is strong winter, to cultivate the pear is relatively difficult. Long and cold winters, especially in Siberia, the cause of the pear of freezing the crust. Often, frosts provoke the withering away of the branches. Best of all to plant the tree on the ground with good air drainage. It is not recommended to plant the tree in the areas without flow of cold air.

Pear likes the black soil (chernozem), brown earth, grey forest soils. During the time of planting it is recommended to use organic fertilizer, pear will respond positively. Remember, adult trees develop better in well-lit areas, and young trees — on the contrary, better developed in the shade. If the court for a long time hot, and the air is dry, often young leaves blacken. If you noticed such a phenomenon, you must to make the shadow on area. Pear is water-loving tree, during the summer you must be sure that she was getting more moisture, especially for July (in July we can see the most intense growth), August (ripening of fruits). You musnt pour water too often however, if you want to pour water (watering about 20-25 buckets of water). When the weather is prolonged dry and hot, it will be useful to. spray the trees with water.

How to plant a pear tree near the house?

It is better to plant a pear tree in the spring. First and second year of growth, seedlings develope and grow rather poorly, due to the fact that the root system of young seedlings is poorly developed. Young pear, which is only planted to bear fruit in about 4-5 years. All will depend on the development and proper care of the sapling. Pear tree is self-fruitless tree and for pollination normal color, big quantity of fruits you need to plant in the garden more than 2 pear trees.. Often, the harvest simply remove from the tree all the power, after such a large harvest of pears, the tree can freeze in cold seasons. You can feed the tree nitrogen fertilizer and pear will restore lost energy.