How to cut off the apricots

How to cut off the apricots. It is better to start to cut off the apricot on the 5-7 singly placed branches at a distance of 30-40 cm from each other. The apricot tree grows so quickly and its leafage is quite thick, besides when the tree gives the fruit during 5-8 years, his harvest begins to weaken. That is why, you need to do not only the thinning of branches, but also a small pruning with a purpose to rejuvenate it.

As you know, the apricot blossoms at first in the south, and the freezing and cold rain can hurt it, in such cases, the flowers are dying, and those that are intact- can not be pollinated. So that the blossoming of the apricot can be later, we need to cut the tree off in the early June, the strong shoots we cut off to half of their length, then the early shoots start to grow, they give a good harvest next year, at such branches the blossoming begins in 5-7 days later.

If the harvest of the apricot tree is reduced, which are 10-15 years old, we can rejuvenate it when we will cut off every year the skeletal branch of the tree.