Garden balsam on a bed

Beautiful garden balsam on a bed, photo

Beautiful garden balsam on a bed, photo

Probably, no options, all of us have seen how all the garden balsam, as a whole, strewn with small, but very interesting flowers. Then they form a small-sized green fruit, which at the end of ripening are transformed into a dry box. If you lightly touch the flower – the flower box bursts, and from it the seeds fall out. It is interesting that in Italy flower Impatiens called “touchy”.

This annual plant loves light, shade is recommended only in the strong sun. The plant requires regular watering, but it is not necessary to fill in, so as not to rot the roots.

During flowering balsam can be used phosphate and potash fertilizers.

An important point: an excess of salts in the soil can cause abscission of leaves or yellowing. Therefore, complex fertilizer give only half the dose from that indicated in the instructions. At the end of the summer stop fertilizing.