List of interesting, useful tips gardener

  • How to tear a cherry? – Tear cherries as you like, even with the tail, the main thing – do not break branches and neck, if you fall from the tree.
  • How to get rid of small and large annoying flies in a private house? – Fight with flies well to poisonous bait that is easy to do with their hands. I do it from 25 ml of milk + 20 ml formalin pharmacy + 125 ml of water. The mixture is poured into a saucer and put in places not accessible to children and pets. After that flies quickly leave the house! The best deterrent of flies, which have seen.
  • Bird droppings as fertilizer for tomatoes? – In the barrel (200 liters) omit the net bag from under a potato with chicken droppings and cutting nettles (1: 1), insist 5-6 days, and diluting 1: 5, biweekly watering tomatoes through the dug at the root (neck down) plastic bottle without a bottom.
  • Tinder fungus from phytophthora, a folk remedy? – 100 g-Polypore mushroom (grows on birch) crushed, pour 1 liter of boiling water. When cool, strain and spray the plants damaged by phytophthora, twice – at the beginning and at the end of July.
  • Use of iodine by mildew, control measures? – Breed in a bucket of water bottle of a 10% solution of iodine and a good “slap” a birch broom bushes. That slap, that the solution is well stuck to the leaves, but not rolled with them, as it happens when spraying. After 3 days of treatment repeat.
  • Is it possible to plant carrots in June? – Carrots sown in two terms. Stowing – carrots planted in late June. I take the seeds of varieties of sautéed Savoy and Aksanov F1, before sowing in gauze bag omit them in a dark pink solution of potassium permanganate, then rinsed in running water, slightly dried and mixed with tobacco (this will protect the seedlings from carrot fly). Breast sprinkle wood ash (1 tbsp. / Sq.m) and are buried in the soil with a rake. The seeds to a depth of 1.5-2 cm. In the future, conventional care.