Eleutherococcus senticosus, cultivation and maintenance

What is Eleutherococcus senticosus Aesculapius, cultivation, care, advice of traditional medicine. Application extract

What is Eleutherococcus senticosus Aesculapius, cultivation, care, breeding at the cottage, tips traditional medicine. Application extract – wikipedia

Shrub Siberian ginseng is found in nature only in certain countries, where the climate has a positive effect on its development. The name of the countries can be counted on the fingers – this is Japan, China, Korea and Russia, but here is distributed in areas very far East. Well, if we consider as a garden plant Eleutherococcus is it you can easily grow, do not even hesitate! The shrub Eleutherococcus do not picky about soil and shade, therefore, experiment, and we give you this now, even help.

How to propagate Eleutherococcus

For breeding Siberian ginseng are used in virtually all types of reproduction – vegetatively, by cuttings, layering, and even dividing the bush. Eleutherococcus and growing from seed is possible in principle, but rather time-consuming and power. Therefore, this option will not be considered as the best.

Growing in the garden area

Looking at the front, immediately begin to paint, how to grow the bush by means of taps and root shoots (it can easily be found around the plant). The offspring of you without any problem can be separated from the main bush and through the ability to develop their own small root system, the offspring is easily transplanted and acclimatized. Transplant recommend doing, as always – either in the fall or early spring, when the buds are not yet begun to swell. The first year after planting, you need to spend with alertness to the seedlings, because at a young age they are very difficult to survive frosts and cold so try to cover them for the winter.

Even before landing, you are required to pick up the area under the bushes. Try to remove all the weeds that are on the site and fully dig site, about 25 cm deep. On the one meter section are making an average of 6 kg of manure.

Under the seedlings first dig a small pit (depth – 50 cm, width – 60 cm). The recommended distance between the bushes – 2 meters. After planting a sapling Eleutherococcus it needs to fill fertilized layer of soil (pick him up), and this increases the depth of planting, the plants to 3 centimeters. That is, to the plant was a few centimeters deeper than before transplantation. During the next step, we water the ground around the seedlings are very weak solution of potassium permanganate and shovel soil compaction.

As I said at first, Siberian ginseng refers to the shade-loving shrubs so the plot of land you can even choose near a huge tree, walnut, for example. Also I recommend in one area to land a few bushes, because it can happen so that it will have your bush flowers only one sex, that will no longer allow them to be pollinated.

View and admire the beautiful flowers can only 4 years of bush life. Caring for Eleutherococcus do not need only – temporarily remove damaged or dried branches.

Eleutherococcus senticosus, medicinal properties

Almost all parts of the bush and useful treatment for the human body. However, so you know, it’s the most useful – it’s roots and Siberian ginseng root, especially if the bush is more than 6 years.

In folk medicine, it is permitted and even encouraged to take Eleutherococcus senticosus, if you want to increase your mental capacity or physical. It is used even during the healing of wounds or as a tonic for the body, as a remedy for diabetes and to lower cholesterol in the blood. Believe me, it is better to use folk medicine than buying expensive drugs that even more are driving your health…