Blueberries caucasian: cultivation and use of berries

How are blueberries in the Caucasus, photo and description, useful properties

How are blueberries in the Caucasus, photo and description, useful properties.

On the territory of the North Caucasus along the Black Sea coast, stretching for 10-70 kilometers a narrow strip of growing blueberries caucasian. The bushes two meters in height, create a dense thicket, among which highlight the one bush can not. Caucasian blueberry bushes have a nice, gentle, a wonderful aroma. In the open sunlight coast, bushes do not grow up to one meter.

Blueberries are under leaves, in clusters of 2-6 in the amount of fruits, which makes it very convenient, and most importantly – to harvest quickly. The shell on the berries is strong enough, but not thick, so tearing it from the branches – can not hurt. The fruits of a bilberry Caucasian respond well to transport. To indulge yourself in winter and seven delicious berries, it is possible both to dry and grind with sugar, or freeze.

Medicinal properties caucasian blueberry same as that of the ordinary except berries also use bush leaves them as brewed tea for diabetes patients. The fruits of their appearance are different in the shape of a ball, round 8 mm, black, and others – oval, elongated, dark blue color, they are much tastier than the first type, and the harvest of berries is also much higher.

The berries ripen in early September. The soil for growing blueberries caucasian fit is the same as for the bilberry, which is grown in the Ukraine.