Persimmon useful properties and contraindications for the body

What useful properties has persimmon, treatment, description, recipes. List of medical properties and contraindications pregnant

What useful properties has persimmon, treatment, description, recipes. List of medical properties and contraindications pregnant

Although the cradle of the persimmon tree is considered China, but in Japan it has received its first praise. Persimmon grown in Japan used to be the most effective. To date, persimmon grown in the edges with a warm climate. Classic varieties account for about 200, but apart from them, is isolated and exotic, this “chocolate pudding” or “black apple” grade came to us from South America, such names persimmon received through the ripe fruit the size of an apple green color, with a weight of 700 900 grams of fruit is only slowly beginning to darken, becoming chocolate, both in taste and appearance. Philippines are known for their variety “velvet apple” the fruit of the persimmon which is bright red, the plant is very delicate, because it made a lot of tools to play music, typical areas.

The persimmon contains 25% sugar, 1.5% protein, 0.85% fat, 55% of vitamin C, iodine, iron, magnesium, potassium, it refers to dietary fetus. Fiber tender, thanks to pectin contained in the product, removes toxins from the body.

Useful properties of persimmon for the body of women and men

Patients with hypertension, it is recommended to use 2-3 every day, because it is due to potassium, the body displays the excess fluid, and the pressure is reduced and vitamin C strengthens blood vessels, making them more flexible. Dermatologic recommended for at least two weeks, and sometimes even 31 days, the patient should have the basic food in small doses, but often and in between meals – eat a persimmon.

Anemia is also treated with this product, because it contains a lot of iron. During intestinal disorders, persimmons are boiled for 6 pieces of crushed, pour 750 ml of water and bring to a boil, reduce to a small fire and boil for another 20 minutes, the liquid is kept covered with a lid. Filter and consume 0.5 liters every four hours, every day.

It has nice features for children with diarrhea. Cook porridge of rice, including porridge dried persimmon fruit.

In China, “China” persimmon treat multiple sclerosis, and juice relieve scurvy. In Thailand – from worms, and Korea – inflammation and bronchitis.

Persimmon has a positive effect on the liver, it has a diuretic effect. There are some data that persimmon dissolves kidney stones, but the information is not official.

Proponents of conventional medicine is not advised to use persimmons in this way: take 4 fruit, chop, cover with water and bring to a boil, remove the pan from the heat. Drink drink twice a day before meals, and then eat boiled persimmon.

You ask, on what to choose persimmon, pointed, bright orange or buy a grade “wren”, which has a dark flesh? Any kind of incredibly useful, and it means, whatever the chosen variety, can not go wrong. When choosing a product, preference was given, that is pleasant to taste, a unique selection condition.