Garden in July, what work can be carried out?

Gardening in July, tips!

Gardening in July, tips!

Since July offensive in gardeners begins a new season of compulsory work with a garden. Of course, you have all planted, collect fruit, and if you are an amateur gardener, just ask a question – and what you can do in the garden in the month of July? In today’s article we will try to answer this disturbing question. Now carefully read and study the information and advice gardeners, and quickly ran to the garden, to save it from pests.

Everything has its place! In July, it is recommended to remove from the garden early cabbage, early potatoes. In their place sow herbs or intermediate cruciferous crops (canola, oilseed radish, mustard, white), to improve the lot of diseases and wireworm. Autumn grown green mass mow and stocking fertilizer.

Nothing extra! Stepson tomatoes. This is best done when the side shoots reach lengths of 3-5 cm, if earlier – from dormant buds grow new leaf sinus stepson. Also remove the lower yellowing leaves on the bushes of tomatoes.

In July, do not forget to get rid of the Colorado potato beetle! Against the Colorado potato beetle, which is in continuous operation, attacks the potato, eggplant, use insecticides: Decis, Fastak, Akhtar, Mospilan etc. Helps and spraying multi-day infusion of wormwood or dusting of wood ash – a beetle can not stand their smell.

And of course – saving cucumbers! When spotting on leaves of cucumber plants in the evening, spray infusion of onion peel (liter jar unconsolidated husk per 10 liters of hot water, to insist night). After 10-14 days of treatment, please repeat.

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