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Types of country pavilions photos. Pavilions for landscaping a garden plot. Pergola for questioning

Types of country pavilions photos. Pavilions for landscaping a garden plot. Pergola for questioning

Flowering garden with scents of various flowers, plants, fruit trees, noise, insects, bees, butterflies flutter for many of us is a paradise on earth. So, to enjoy all this beauty you can hang a hammock in the garden, swing set, or build a gazebo.

To begin select the main types of pavilions:

  • Stationary gazebo;
  • Folding;
  • Pergolas.

Stationary gazebo

Let’s start with the first kind. Stationary pavilions, called us all is clear. For their construction is necessary to pour the foundation. The materials most often used: brick, glass, fiberglass, wood, metal structures. Stationary gazebo can be used even in the winter, because they are likely to make in private. Closed gazebos need to insulate, to lay a wooden floor, decorate the various materials. Quite often in the construction of stationary pavilions combine materials. Today especially popular polycarbonate sheets are attached to the aluminum extrusions. Pavilions of these materials create an atmosphere of unity with nature, as well as extremely durable and resistant to weather conditions.

Prefabricated gazebo for the garden

As for the second type of modular pavilions (metal and wood), they can be installed anywhere: on the sand, grass and the like. These gazebos can be called seasonal. They will protect you from the sun, from different rainy days (very strong word for summer days!) – Even from mosquitoes and various species of midges, despite the fact that you set for yourself at the gazebo mosquito net. Typically, these arbors are not very reliable, their structure is not able to withstand strong gusts of wind or storm. However, if you choose the material for your wood gazebo, it will be strong and light. Wooden parts must be covered with a water-repellent agent. After this procedure, your gazebo will serve you longer. Metal gazebos are collected from finished welded or forged elements. Around this construction you can put curly same age, who until July cover the walls and the roof of your gazebo. Also for covering a pergola used stretch roofs, PVC film, which are excellent protection from the rain and the scorching sun.

Pergola in the landscape design in the country, with their own hands

The third type is the gazebo pergola. It is a simplified version of the original track and gazebos. Pergolas are real works of art. The construction of these pavilions include lattice metal or wooden wall which can trudge grapes or other ornamental plants. From among the other types of gazebos pergola features a roof that resembles the blinds. To this end, wide boards for the covering is mounted on the edge of a slope, oriented to the north, to garden furniture became a refuge from the hot summer sun.

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