Caring for plants in the home

Terms of care for plants, photos, description

Terms of care for plants, photos, description

And so, my friends, we would like to acquaint you with useful information about caring for indoor plants at home, unfortunately, I do not know all the nuances.

  • It is important to familiarize myself with the plant you want to buy, consider the amount of moisture and the sun for good growth. Therefore, you should think carefully which side out your window, so you enjoy the green bush.
  • To make it convenient, and most importantly the right – buy special tools. From time to time the plant should be transplanted or loosen the earth, tie. It is best to buy a shovel, pots, fertilizers, watering can for watering and spraying.
  • Do you want to plant is to feel comfortable and develop properly – consider the size of the pot in which the plant is planted. Most significantly it grows in a year or two, and then the roots are already closely inside the pot. In this case it is necessary to transplant a plant into a larger.
  • If a person does not need a certain amount of moisture, it is vital for plants. Especially important to keep the humidity in the winter when the air is too dry due to heating an apartment or house.
  • It is also important not to be discouraged if some plants die. Usually the owners not at fault. Just such plants like cyclamen, gloxinia, chrysanthemum designed only as a beautiful gift, and therefore very pleasing to the eye for long.
  • Everybody knows that to grow need water. While taking care of plants is important to give just the right amount of water needed by a particular plant. The principle of the more the better – is not working.
  • You also need to know about seasonal care of the plants. If the summer need active care and watering in the winter you need to rest your colors. Create the conditions under which the plant will behave: lower temperatures and infrequent watering.
  • If you see small changes – the leaves began to deteriorate sharply, or the plant has lost its color, then pay attention to what may bred pests, so you need to immediately begin to deal with them.
  • To indoor plants grow well and look, do not leave him alone. Make a small group of plants that need to be approximately the same conditions. In the group of plants will grow better care will be easier and more beautiful.
  • Like people, each plant – individuality. Pay attention to the rules of care for every flower and they will delight you every day.

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