Laying sod and creating the lawn with his own hands

To create a gorgeous lawn, you will need to know a few ways to create it.
Sowing grass is the first way, your lawn will get a neat appearance. The second method – is laying turf (artificial grass).

Laying sod on the lawn, the description and photo

Laying sod on the lawn, the description and photo

Of course, the second option will have to spend no small sum of money, for sowing the seeds of grasses, are much cheaper. Yet in laying turf is a huge plus – virtually instantly on your Manor flaunts a chic, uniform lawn and do not have long to wait for germination and growth. If you have decided to take the turf, the Council, in specialized shops for the garden.

To resolve the artificial grass you need to fluff the site, and then align it, to leave no irregularities and mounds, and one more important factor, the soil should be watered so that water is distributed evenly.

Spread need to butt, roll the first strip is to use additional devices, such as the level of alignment. Each row is good press, to give the correct form and turf species. Then laying the following series, pay attention to the connection of different bands that they did not get in single file, and place it needs to be a masonry wall. In a central position, you can not use the whole pieces, big band is best left to the edge.

If you have no big gaps between the sheets, fill them with specially ground (a mixture of earth and sand).

The last thing you should do after laying turf is to align it, you can use the usual big board, but should be spread across the roll. They saw no evenness, put the board, jumped well for good contact with the ground. This method can use not only for alignment and for the whole area, for strength.

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