Staphylococcus rabbits symptoms

Rabbits disease - aureus, treatment, symptoms, photo and description

Rabbits disease – aureus, treatment, symptoms, photo and description

Aureus in rabbits appears regardless of age, source of infection are sick animals. The disease spreads in dirty rooms, cells, injured animal bites.

aureus disease in rabbits divided into septicopyemia (pyoderma) young, wandering Pius, mastitis, septicemia overall. Pyosepticemia among rabbits from 1 to 5 days of life appears as pustules, kids after a few days of dying. Wandering pyemia is subcutaneous abscesses, the dimensions of which begin with the end in a pea and the size of an apple. Mastitis occurs as a result of the mother’s nipples bitten. In the initial stage of mastitis occurs as a simple annoyance, and then seal the mammary glands. If they press slightly, spilled purulent education together with milk. Under the skin of the rabbit and even layer in the mammary glands appear abscesses. The infection enters the body through the blood becomes blisters on the lungs, liver, kidneys, pus, if it turns out in the abdomen, the rabbit dies. In rabbit patient rises the body temperature (41 – 42 °C), rapid breathing.

Preventive measures consist in the periodic inspection of rabbits infected individuals is transferred to a separate room, disinfected nest before delivery, inspect the females and babies in the first week after birth. Rabbits ill pyosepticemia an injection of 10 – 20 units. bitsillina. Abscesses cleaned once a day 30% or 50% carbolic acid brilliant. Abscesses with purulent bag with cut out during Pius, the wound is treated rivanol, hydrogen peroxide, or a penicillin. If the abscess is not completely removed, remove pus formation, wound disinfectant wipe. Under the skin is introduced biotsillin 15 – 20 units. 1 kg of body weight, or within 2 – 3 days of penicillin or streptomycin.

Mastitis rabbits treated with lubrication nipples camphor, penicillin, streptomycin mixture. Under the skin, in a muscle is administered twice daily penicillin or streptomycin 15 – 20. several days or once a bitsillin the same dose.

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